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Dear Colleagues,

I am honored to welcome you at the Skala Reinsurance Brokers' website.

In ever changing and challenging realities of insurance and reinsurance business it is highly valuable to have reliable partners with whom long-term cooperation may contribute to the Company's success, especially during the financial and economic crises the world economy is facing at the moment.

We offer clear and open communication, we think of flexibility in determining our brokerage commission as our competitive advantage that makes one of the most attractive brokers from the economic point of view on the Russian market.

We offer expertise and deep knowledge of the (re)insurance market that enables us to offer coverage that suits our Clients best.

Most important, we aim to long-term cooperation, which is only possible when both sides have a clear vision of the partners' business, when they both contribute to each other's success.

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Tsekalo

Chief Executive Officer,

Founder and owner of SKALA.



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